Betano Casino – Tournaments

Tournaments at Betano Casino

At Betano Casino, players have the exciting opportunity to participate in various tournaments, including slots tournaments and blackjack tournaments. These tournaments provide an additional level of entertainment and the chance to compete against other players for attractive cash prizes.

Betano Casino Slots Tournaments

In slots tournaments at Betano Casino, players compete by playing specific slot Betano Casino Games. The rules are simple: by playing the designated slot game during the tournament period, you are automatically enrolled in the tournament. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible within a specified timeframe.

To participate in a slots tournament, follow these steps:

1. Betano Casino Log in to your Betano Casino account.
2. Visit the “Tournaments” section on the casino’s website or mobile app.
3. Check the schedule to find the upcoming slots tournaments.
4. Look for the specific slot game and tournament details, such as the timeframe, prize pool, and leaderboard.
5. Once the tournament starts, start playing the designated slot game.
6. Your total wagered amount on the slot game will contribute to your points in the tournament.
7. The more you play, the more points you accumulate, increasing your chances of winning.

At the end of the tournament, players with the highest points on the leaderboard will win cash prizes. The prize distribution will be based on the specific tournament’s rules, with larger rewards going to the top-ranking players.

Blackjack Tournaments

In blackjack tournaments, players compete against each other by playing the classic casino card game – blackjack. Similar to slots tournaments, the rules are straightforward, and by playing the designated Betano Casino Blackjack game, you automatically participate in the tournament.

To join a blackjack tournament at Betano Casino:

1. Login to your Betano Casino account.
2. Navigate to the “Tournaments” section on the website or mobile app.
3. Check the schedule for upcoming blackjack tournaments.
4. Look for the specific blackjack game and tournament details, including the timeframe, prize pool, and leaderboard.
5. Once the tournament begins, start playing the designated blackjack game.
6. Your cumulative winnings or total hands played will count towards your tournament score.
7. Aim to achieve the highest score on the leaderboard by the end of the tournament.

Players with the highest scores on the leaderboard at the conclusion of the blackjack tournament will be rewarded with cash prizes. The prize distribution will depend on the specific tournament Betano Casino Terms and Conditions, with the top performers receiving greater rewards.

It’s important to note that while participating in slots or blackjack tournaments, players can still enjoy their favorite games and potentially win additional cash prizes merely by playing the specific tournament game. The more you play, the better your chances of ranking higher on the leaderboard and winning attractive cash prizes.

Player's NameGameAmount WonDate Won

Dorthy Labadie Sr.

Player from Afghanistan

Sizzling Hot 7
6,594.80 USDMay 24, 2024

Mrs. Nella Von I

Player from Lithuania

5 Lucky Lions
2,232.70 USDMay 22, 2024

Amina Block

Player from Canada

Two Sevens
2,229.00 USDMay 22, 2024

Ima Zulauf III

Player from Turks and Caicos Islands

Book Of Egypt Deluxe
9,395.80 USDMay 21, 2024

Harrison Kihn

Player from Colombia

Dragon Drop
5,793.40 USDMay 21, 2024

Prof. Rico Veum V

Player from Kenya

Hot Hot Halloween
1,641.50 USDMay 19, 2024

Rico O'Hara

Player from Papua New Guinea

Beach Holidays
1,709.30 USDMay 19, 2024

Larue Kozey

Player from Macao

Jellyfish Flow Ultra
6,450.40 USDMay 17, 2024

Ms. Rhoda Johnston Jr.

Player from Trinidad and Tobago

African Simba
7,040.80 USDMay 16, 2024

Tamara Reynolds

Player from Tanzania

7,269.10 USDMay 15, 2024

Evelyn Rogahn

Player from Cook Islands

Party Games Slotto
3,788.50 USDMay 14, 2024

Michel Smitham

Player from Mauritania

Dragon Pays
4,463.60 USDMay 14, 2024

Sheldon Pacocha

Player from Korea

All Ways Hot Fruits
4,747.40 USDMay 14, 2024

Prof. Sierra Feeney

Player from Sudan

Bank Raid
5,675.50 USDMay 13, 2024

Dr. Rhoda Bauch IV

Player from Panama

Sphinx Mysteries
6,204.70 USDMay 13, 2024

Mr. Noe Bogan II

Player from Seychelles

Knockout Football Rush
2,505.60 USDMay 11, 2024

Roscoe Fay

Player from Bahamas

Plenty Of Fruit 40
6,663.50 USDMay 11, 2024

Alysson Kozey

Player from Nepal

Gold Of Egypt
1,525.70 USDMay 11, 2024

Prof. Savion Mayert

Player from Malawi

Lightning Gems
4,222.50 USDMay 10, 2024

Mr. Brenden McLaughlin

Player from Bahamas

Desert Dreams
8,385.20 USDMay 10, 2024